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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Couple of Pic from the Bendigo trip, it was a good trip to test the new bars.  

Saturday, 15 January 2011


Off to Bendigo today for an overnight, to visit a mate.  I've included two pic of the repair job done by Pedro in SA on the old bars, the new bars are on.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

SA Trip

Day 1  (SAT 1 Jan)

Late start due the cat escaping, once caught we headed off.   The first real stop was at Lorne for lunch.     The place was overcrowded and overpriced; the burger I brought was nearly raw.    Next stop Apollo Bay heading to Warrnabool for the night.   Still no luck with the food so far on the trip shit noodles.   Minor mishap Margrit dropped her bike doing 0 kph but all forgotten after a beer at the Irish pub.   Good nights sleep in the tent.

Day 2  (SUN 2 Jan)

Overcast and a few drops of rain.     Packed the tent and headed off to Portland little bit on the cool side.   Past a speed camera a bit short of Portland with no Speedo it will be interesting.    After Portland we headed off to Nelson just short of the SA border.   The road to Nelson was a logging road and it started out badly shit road surface, but it soon opened up to the best road I’ve ever ridden (67kms).     It had long sweeping bends thru rolling hills and a great road surface and blue skies.   Refueled at Nelson and a quick chat with some riders from Mt Gambier, we headed off.    Heading out of town just hit the 100 km sign I gave the shovel a bit off a squirt and I felt my handlebars pull back and noted they had split/cracked between the risers.   Slowed down, pulled over, showed Margrit jumped on her bike headed back town to try and catch the local riders but they had left.  Made the decision to head for Mt Gambier 30km away at a reduced speed pushing on bar to stop from coming away.   Pulled into the first petrol station we came too asked the bloke in the shop if knew anyone who could help.    He had a look in the local phone book and rang some bloke who I spoke too.     He side he would ring his mate to see if could help me.    There is no Harley dealership in town and he (Jezza) had the only sort of shop (Bike Bling) that would have Harley bits and didn’t have any bars for my bike.   I said I would meet him at the front of his shop in about 10 mins.     He turned up with a bike trailer and his engineering mate (Pedro).     We headed back to Pedro place were we manage to fix my bars (3 hours) and get me back on the road.    Pedro and Jezza are two outstanding blokes and Pedro is a master engineer (welder).   All this was done on a Sunday over the NewYears Long weekend.    After Many, Many thanks and we headed back to VIC and for the night at Portland.     Great feed at the Royal Hotel, and also some good people work and drink there.

Day 3 (Mon 3 Jan)    

Little overcast, but as we made our way the day cleared up. We had a strong head wind nearly all the way home.    Headed Home thru Colac etc, good trip passed a few coppers but all good.     Pedro’s fix got us home without any problems.