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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

This country is turning into a police state

This country is turning into a police state; we will have handed over our rights because the media and government say we need too.    The garbage they are churning out is bullshit.    The justice system and law is meant to be equal for all.   Before we know it we will be in a stripped uniform and ID patch on our chest.      The crap that QLD is bringing out is wrong.   The problem with this country is State and Fed Govt doesn't address the real issues and they use 1%er as a means to draw our attention away from the real problems.     The extra penalties for club members and club officer bearers are just wrong.    Why aren't we making tougher punishment for murderers, rapists, paedophiles and pollies who steal from the taxpayer?   The truth is justice is not blind and pollies are corrupt.      This country is run by the media i.e. Rupert Murdoch.     We have rights that people fought and died for us to have.     The true is how many people are really affected and scared by bikies very few probably less than 1%.   The Govt and the Media want us scared so they can control us. 

bad things happen when good men stand by and do nothing

it only takes one voice to start a revolution

From the Murdoch media

The Queensland state government has announced plans for a super-jail for bikie gang kingpins.
The special, ultra-secure facility at Woodford Correctional Centre, north of Brisbane, would house those considered the worst bikie criminals.
"We will use a maximum security facility at Woodford Correctional Centre to incarcerate these thugs," the premier, Campbell Newman, announced on Tuesday.
He said he would also consider recommissioning maximum security units at other Queensland prisons, which are not being used.
Newman said criminals housed in the new maximum security facility would face an unprecedented level of monitoring.
"This facility not only gives us the capacity to house these violent criminals, but ensure their activities are closely monitored and controlled 24 hours a day," he said.
"They will do hard time and I make no apologies for that."
Bikies locked up in the facility will face restricted hours out of their cells, potentially as little as one hour a day. They will also face increased drug testing and frequent cell searches.
They will be banned from having TVs in their cells and will have no access to gym facilities.
All phone calls, other than to lawyers, will be monitored by intelligence staff. Their mail will be opened, searched and censored, and family visits will be severely restricted.

More from QLD (police state)

Bikie gang members could be banned from the security, gym and second-hand car industries under a Queensland government crackdown.
Parliament passed new laws early on Wednesday aimed at dismantling criminal bikie gangs, and banning gang members from owning, operating or working in tattoo parlours.
The attorney general, Jarrod Bleijie, says the government is prepared to drive bikies out of other industries too, with more laws likely to be brought before parliament before the end of the year.
Bleijie named the security, gym and second-hand car industries as examples of businesses they would target under the bans.
"If there are criminal motorcycle gang members profiteering, promoting, working, associating, being the proprietor of these other businesses, then we will crush them too," he said.
"We are unapologetic in relation to making sure that we have the net cast as far and as wide as possible to catch these individuals and rid them from our streets."
Bleijie told Queenslanders to expect more anti-bikie laws.
"As the criminal motorcycle gang members respond to these laws, come up out of the ground from where they are hidden at the moment, we will have to introduce more laws targeting criminal motorcycle gang members," he said.
The new laws passed with the support of Labor and crossbench MPs about 3am (AEST) on Wednesday.
The laws name 26 criminal organisations, including the Bandidos, Finks and Mongols.
Among other things, they ban members and associates from gathering and recruiting for new members and carry additional jail terms of 15 to 25 years for bikies who commit serious crimes.

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  1. Amen mate, I've been pulled over four times in two weeks on my own, I'm used to it though and it doesn't phase me . . . these new 'laws' up here are fucking ridiculous and can effect so many more than their intended taget, as usual, the cops and the government wait til it's way too fucking too late to take action and then go completely over the top . . . it's now actually worse than the days of Adolf Bjelke Hitler . . . I know a few younger guys in several outlaw clubs who hold down straight gigs, supporting a family and their lives are now fucked, not to mention heaps of older, foundation members in the Finks who have had no drama in nearly twenty years, won't be 'handing in' their colours of patching over and they're now uprooting and moving away just to avoid the heat . . . since when was guilt by association deemed as fair justice in a so called democracy ??? Somebody needs to stand on our boy child Attorney General quick smart. Fuck em all !!