There will be Bikes, There will be Booze, There will be Blood!!

Monday 31 December 2012


Nothing doing so M and I hit the road, location Beechworth M's choice.   We have never been there I had only ever seen the sign as I headed north on the Hume.   The 72 only gets about 120 km per tank at most, pain in the arse.     

This was our third stop Avenel 

Beechworth camping ground and the new we brought that day 

evening meal etc great place

lookin good for tomorrow

Sunday 30 December 2012

Crew update

4 Finger MIA for Xmas

Blue MIA with family in the hills

Dirty in Perth WA with his son

Me and M took a road trip pic to follow

Monday 24 December 2012

Thursday 13 December 2012


The shovel is going again, and the garage is a little full.   Took her for a test ride and that nearly ended ugly the brake don't work as well as on the streetbob.    I nearly went thru a red light a little bit sideways, have to adjust better from one bike to other.    

in the naughty cnr

The pup Harley has been a little shit today so I gave her a stern talkin too.   Couldn't find her went round the back and found this.