There will be Bikes, There will be Booze, There will be Blood!!

Sunday 29 January 2012


Some cunt tried to take me out today, I saw my life flash before my eyes the CUNT.   he wouldn't even look me in the eyes the CUNT

Tuesday 24 January 2012


I hate, hate being back at fucking work, I hate fucking Origin, Foxtel and Telstra especially ORIGIN CUNTS CUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I need their blood

Saturday 14 January 2012

Bike from the show

The bike and car show was for some local charitys, not a big show but it was the first for the year.     They have start somewhere.  I'll back next year.  

Won best best classic

won best custom

the centre stick lowers the bike stand

Cars from the show

Nice FJ ute

I remember these being used as surf wagons

Great EH SW

What can you say