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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Trip day 2

Heading for Mildura the forecast was for high temps around 37 deg C.    We left at around 9 am and headed NTH by about 10 am it was 35 deg with a head wind.    Refuelled in a Echuca warm, headed off to Swanhill, the road was straight with very little shade.   More cops and increasing temps.  Stopped at Kerang fucking hot 37 plus but the pub was cool, the barmaid warned us about the cops.   Arrived in Swanhill (SH) about 1:30 and it was 40 deg C.   Got some lunch  and went looking for some shade, which is hard to find.    We stopped just outside SH in a little shady patch by the road.    Headed off to Robinvale the last fuel stop before Mildura.   The road was shit with very little shade.     Stopped at a spot where the Murray river was close to the road ,there was tree cover but the breeze and temp was fucking hot!   Hit Robinvale (3:30) and it was 43 deg C the lady in the petrol station let us stay in the aircon for a while.    Marg was really feeling the heat, but we still had another 90 odd kms to go.   We had to stop mid way because Marg was struggling I throught she might pass out.    After about 20 mins we headed off again we made Mildura only just.     When we got to our camp site i made Marg rest and placed some wet cloths on her to cool off.   Afterv everything was set up we had dip in the pool and had dinner in a great pub called The Gateway.    The staff were great and meals in the bar were also a good price and cold piss.



Just outside Swanhill

Some shade so to speak by the Murray

In between Robinvale and Mildura

Marggie doin it tuff

marggie starting feel better

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