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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Trip day 4

After resting we headed off STH planned destination was ST Arnauds via the Calder an Sunraysia HWY's.    First stop was Ouyen well fuck me that is a sorry place.   I asked the petrol station attendent about fuel stops on the way sth.    His reply was he does'nt travel much and that he didn't know.   WTF we are in the middle of nowhere and he doesn't know wots down the road.    I just turned around a walked out.   Spoke to someone who was fuelling up and tolds us what we could look forward to in the way of fuel stops.   They were heading to Darwin so I gave him some info on that as I have done that few times.   Sea Lake was our next stop not much there either.      Headed to Wycheproof refuelled and discovered I had a slow leak on the front wheel.    Put some air in it and charged of to St Arnaud.   Shit road and fucking hot 40 deg C.    Arrived with little trouble found where I could get my tyre fixed (next day).    Found some accom in a motel.    Went for a walk to find a pub, the first one was shut, pushed on to the next pub.  Went in and the prick behind the bar was a rude cunt, as we had interupted his betting.     We asked about meals, he said nothing was open and we would only get a fed at the roadhouse.   We ordered some drinks and he went back to his horse racing.    We left, brought some take aways and headed back pass the first pub.   We spoke to some bloke as it turns out, owned it and told he would be open at 4 pm for meals.   It was fuck hot 43 deg C.   The Farmers Arms is great place cold piss and good meals and shelter from the heat.


Resting from the heat fuck the tent bring on the aircon

its only flat on the bottom

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