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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Trip day 3

Recovery day, after a warm nights sleep (NYE) and cold drinks it was decided that Marg needed the day to recover.     I spoke with some locals and others about our planned route for the next day.    They all suggested that my planned route would not be a wise choice with the current weather conditions.     They pointed out the forecast for the next few was 45 plus, lack of vegetation on the route and also the lack of phone coverage in case of breakdown.   I spoke with marg and i changed the route.

the view from the tent

Some famous pub

The local brewary

NSW side of the border Gol Gol

some more of the Murray

going for another swim

We had some problems with Margs FOB for her bike, whilst out getting some fruit for breakfast we meet some bloke on a roadking who tolds us to change the battery.    Which we did and no more probs, i dont have that problem on the shovel 

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